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 E.O quest help!

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PostSubject: E.O quest help!   E.O quest help! Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2008 11:48 pm

E.O quest help-

Ok if you need help on a quest you've come to the right place.

if you need any more help, post here and wait or pm us.

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PostSubject: Re: E.O quest help!   E.O quest help! Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2008 11:54 pm

Ayla's Witch Quest

1. Talk to Ayla at the Witches' house in Aeven
2. Go kill 20 rats.
3. Go kill 20 sheep.
4. Bring Ayla a terror potion.
5. Reward: Random -- I've seen a schoolgirl costume, a burk and 500 experience so far.

Susan's Quest

Reward: 2500 exp

1. Talk to Susan
2. Go kill 60 Tenbas.
3. Return to Susan.

Peri Peri's Mole Quest

Reward: 2000 exp

1. Talk to Peri Peri (Mole Farm House)
2. Go kill 50 Moles.
3. Return to Peri Peri.

Cloud Quest (Source Vegasfinest)

1. Visit Jessica at Sky Wonder Area
2. Go to the Wolfman Leader in the right side of the bird area.
3. Get 10 Bird Feathers
4. Go to Jessica
5. Kill 40 Foxes.
6. Return to Jessica: Reward 500exp

Factory Panic

Main purpose of the quest at this point is to put you in a good levelling spot if you can take care of the Proto sitting in the gated area.

Well...there's a point to those NPC's at the factory. Talk to the co-worker and he'll send you down into the Factory to turn on the generators. Step on the blue squares to get them going.

1. Top Right Generator
2. Bottom Left Generator
3. Top Left Generator
4. Bottom Right Generator
5. Talk to the Co-Worker
6. Go to the Top Right once more and enter the gate which is now open to you. Take a moment to kill the proto or go down the stairs to shut off the generator.
7. When you return to the surface talk to the Co-Worker playing with his tool for 340 experience.

A Guard's Life

1. Start by talking to the guard by the entrance to the reaper cave
2. Kill 20 spiders
3. then get 10 spider legs
4. Then go to the castle arena and talk to the guard's captain.
5. Reward: Exp 250 Gold 400

Terminal Quests

The Maze

This particular guide is the best one that I've seen for the Maze and probably the best Quest walkthrough I've seen done period. Click the link and you'll defeat the maze.

The Best Maze Guide Available

Pjedro's Son

1. Talk to Pjedro (in the Malone Outpost top left house) -- He'll tell you about how he lost his son.

2. Talk to Pjedro's wife Merriad -- she'll tell you a little more of the story.

3. Talk to Pjedro once again -- he'll ask you to go and find his boy for him.

4. Talk to Pjedro's sister Nina in Anundo -- she'll give you a little more of the story.

5. Talk to the guard outside the reaper cave -- he'll give you the runaround and then send you to his captain at the castle.

6. Talk to the Elite Captain. Despite his brutal use of the English language you can now go back to the guard and find out more of the story.

7. Turns out the little brat is in the haunted house. Go there and climb to the 4th floor. Then you have to find the book and stand in front of it. (Go right and then up. It's a book on a podium).

8. When you've stood in front of the book you'll receive a scroll of truth. Go talk to Ayla at the witch's house. She will read the scroll of truth which takes you to the entrance of the Woods of Despair.

9. Find the Bird Fortress which is located in the Woods of Despair -- (Directions from entrance: RDDRRRDL) -- while you're here kill some birdmen, barbarians and get yourself a normal key.

10. Talk to Pjedro's Son. Agree to take him home and you'll warp back to Pjedro's house. Then talk to Pjedro. You'll gain 4000 experience for the whole ordeal.

Pirate Quest

1. Talk to the Old Pirate on the docks at the southeast corner of Aeven. He will ask you if you're a pirate and you say "yeah, I'm a pirate". He's going to want a drink so fetch him 20 fairysodas. Here's my tip on this. First pick up as many as you can from the ground on the docks. Then if you need more head up to the Aeven Pub and pull some from the chests. Buy whatever you need from the bartender to top you up.

2. After you've taken the fairysodas to the Old Pirate he will ask for a drink. Say yes and he will take your sodas (if you bring more than 20 he will take them all). Then he will give you an old treasure map (DO NOT GET RID OF THIS).

3. Go to the top right ship at the docks and talk to the pirate captain. Tell him about the map and tell him you stole it from the King. He will then invite you on a treasure hunt.

4. When you are aboard his ship you need to talk to him again. You'll have to defeat 50 imperial guards who have come aboard. If you are alone there are 20 guards between all the different decks so 3 spawns should take care of that. More if you have to compete. At 6 exp each they aren't worth the effort of staying behind.

5. After you have killed 50 guards talk to the captain again and he will take you to Vulture (vult-r Island. Go into the first pyramid entrance.

A note about the Pyramids: There are three traps in the pyramid. The first is a general HP drain that reduces your HP by 4 every 20 seconds. The second are visible spike tiles that go up and down doing 8 damage (if you step over them when they are up you take no damage). Finally, there are hidden spike tiles that do 8 damage each that spring when you step on them.

There are also 3 monsters and 1 boss we'll talk about later. Rats (no change). Tomb Mummies (60 exp and built like ogres in terms of damage and variable speed). And ICE GIANTS?!? (ok...these probably should be changed with something else.)

6. When you are in the pyramid keep your potions handy because you'll need them. Go up one map and then Left. (from entrance U L D L D L U R) In this room you will find the archaeologist -- Dr. . He will babble on about his book of maps which is important later. Trace your steps back to the entrance and then go Right Instead of Left ( from entrance U R R D D R R U U L L L L) and this should bring you to the Great Worm's lair. If you fight the worm know that it is fast but you can also solo it. You get 300 exp for killing it. What you really need to know is that the Doctor's Book is on the bottom left. Step on it to pick it up and then head back to the entrance retracing your steps. (Pay attention to the room with the raised platform...this is important).

7. When you return to the doctor he'll thank you and then you need to talk to him again. Show him your old map (this is why you shouldn't get rid of it). Now retrace your steps to the Altar (raised platform room). When you step there you're status will change again. Once more it's back to the doctor (see why pots and CON are so valuable for this one?)

8. The Doc will tell you that the entrance to the second pyramid is now open so you need to get out of this pyramid and then enter the second pyramid (behind the first one). The solution is LEFT, UP, UP, DOWN (Thanks ORCBOY!!!)

9. Walk down to the treasure chest and you will be rewarded with an Aztec Crown. This is a wearable hat but the quest isn't quite finished.

10. You can now take the crown and keep it or you can trade it. Reward @ Pirate 4k exp and 1.2k gold. Reward @ Archaologist 5k exp.

Monkey Island Quest

Reward: Pirate Hat

Start Point: Young Pirate at the Port (Aeven)

1. He will tell you that he has found a new Island and you ought to select "Don't Believe You".

2. After he tells you to take a test head to the Pirate Captain (same one as the Vulture Island Quest). Kill 3 drunken pirates and return to the Pirate Captain

3. You will have 2 options for tests here.

a. Atlantis -- a simple quest but a long walk. Head to Atlantis through the reaper cave and then go to the southmost house (down and right). From there head to the northern part (up and left) of the house and walk down the stairs. There will be a book in the south (down). Walk up to it and then return to the Captain.

b. Kill an Octo -- a bit harder than the Atlantis option because now you have to deal with campers. I don't suggest this option but if you're feeling frisky...Octo is in the sewers under the ant zone near Hallowdale. Once you've killed one head back to the Pirate Captain.

4. Next you've got to kill 30 rats. Great. Another quest. More Rats. Return to the Pirate Captain.

5. Go to the Young Pirate: The answers to the quiz -- Jolly Roger, double share and always open.

6. Now you're off to monkey Island. There is a hut in the North East (up and right) with another pirate who wants you to get him 10 fish. Go fetch and bring him back 10 fish for your reward.

Truth Quest

1 Talk to Serf

Serf is located down a set of stairs in the middle of the new swamp. They are partially hidden by trees.

2. Kill 25 Swamp Monsters

3. Talk to Serf

He will tell you about trying to find a cure for evil and how Apozen has worked against him. He will also tell you about
his brother Gullio.

4. Find Gullio

He's located in the Skeleton Dungeon and he's been cursed. Which means you're going to have to walk back to...

5. Serf

Apparently he needs "Herbs", 10 of them in fact. Go buy them at the Aeven Grocer.

6. Back to Serf

And 10 mushrooms...

7. Serf again

And 14 blob slimes...

8. Serf again

ZOMG 5 Gnome Dolls

9. Serf again

Finally he tells you to go to Ayla to finish the cure potion.

10. Ayla

Is being an idiot again. Finish her quest before you get to move on...RATS, SHEEP, POTION...GAH. Anyways. You need to go and find more information about Apozen and the curse. So off you go to...

11.Hitaru's Shop.

Hitaru used to be the Illusion Master...but I guess Vult's renamed him. Anyhow. Step in front of his book and you'll be directed right back to...

12. Ayla

Who tells you that the book in Hitaru's shop isn't quite enough. instead have to venture down into the Underworld to get to Apozen's Lair (yay?)

13. Apozen's Lair

While you're here -- after the hundred times it will take you to get here. You might want to stick around and try to pick up a knob staff. You're going to need it if you're after the lens of truth...While you're doing that don't forget to check the book on the left hand side.

14. Go back to Ayla who will tell you that you have everything you need to cast the reversal spell.

15. Get 5 Ancient Scrolls.

16. Give Her 4 of them and then use the last one to teleport yourself up to the ancient city.

17. The Ancient place is hidden -- Go to the map to the right of the orb (center) and then go to the top right of the map (a little brown strip will tell you where the entrance is)

18. Click on Ayla -- and perform the ritual.

The map will start to go crazy so try to click on ayla while it's moving. Then Log off and log back in (Quest Glitch that Vult should fix at some point. Warping and exiting the map will not help here)

19. Go see Serf in the Swamp for your reward.

2 options for your reward

i. 5500 experience
ii. For a knob staff and ten orbs of light Serf will craft you a lens of truth which looks absolutely leet.

Credit toooo Endless report and il 3m il who posted it here

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Age : 29
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PostSubject: Zachdaman's maze guide   E.O quest help! Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2008 11:57 pm

10:50 pm


1) Maze Beginning

You probably already did this part.. but here is the solution:

*new quest, click on the Maze master to get 3.5k in exp for completing the maze.*

walk: up right up right up left up right up right.

2) Invisible Walls

Now ull find a puzzle will invisible walls.. thake this route.


Key for Dummies:
U = Up
D = Down
L = Left
R = Right

3) Fake Walls

"Sometimes walls are not what they seem to"

R (Trough wall) U L (Trough wall) L
L (Trough wall) D L D
4) Invisible Teleport Walls

Again some invisible walls.. but this time they will teleport you if u take a wrong way.

when u exit continue your way to the right.

5) Another invisible maze

Just to keep u entretained:

U (top-left corner waypoint) R D

6) More Invisible walls

Just follow this path:

L D D L (barrel waypoint)
7) Water
Count 2 squares from top
and 4 squares from the right
You will see some stairs here, use the one that is at the right side of the barrel

9) Forest

Probably the hardest one, use this waypoints:

a) You start over a tree, walk few tiles right and then down to the next clearing.

b) walk right ultil u cant go on, then one tile up at right of the tree u see in the picture.

c) From the right of that tree walk right and try to find your way down so you stand OVER the tree showed in picture.

d) from the tree you standed OVER, walk few tiles left, then find a way down to the next clearing (this is not a straight line).

e) Now from this clearing walk left to a new clearing, go down few tiles so you can find a way between the 2 trees on the left, and go next to the wall down.

11) Between two pillars

Right under forest maze you will see some pillars,
stand on the middle row, the second entrance from the top.

12) Stairs maze

You will get now to this stair maze.. use the followin directions:


13) Not in the Water

Now you will see another water pool... do not stand on water, there are many teleporters leading nowhere, instead avoid it and go to the top wall and find a fake wall there. Continue to the left.
14) Easy beacon Maze

This one can take may time if you dont know your way, the secret is to just find the fouth pillar and stand next to it (5ft entrance), then keep pressing down until you are out.

15) way in the floor

From the entrance to this area, just the tile down from the wall, walk 3 tiles to the left and 9 tiles up, then all right against the wall, down and find a fake wall, right trough it, all up trough the next wall, then all left and finally all down.
16) I saw the sign

From the bill board walk 6 tiles up, and left trough a fake wall.

Now find the 3rd entrance from the top, go L L all down to find stairs.

17) Short Spiral

This is a spiral, go trough the gray tiles but do not step on darker ones, also dont use any shotcuts (lighter tiles connecting loops).

Take this route:
now, get close to the wall on the right and find a fake wall.

19) Long Spiral

Same as 16 but longer and boring:

Just start close to the wall on the right, then close to the wall at the bottom. Dont take any shortcut or stand on any black squares, the only black square you will have to stand over its the one in front of you when you end the loops at the center of it.
20) Hard beacon Maze

Continue your way and youll see some letters and an arrow in the floor. After the giant arrow, go next to the top wall and walk to the left.

Once you teleport keep walkin to the left.
once you teleport again walk to the right.
Now walk to the left and exit this maze.
*Tip: in case you get lost, always walk to the left, if you cant go on, walk back to the right.

21) Stair maze in groups of 4

Now go D D U U U. when u exit all stairs enter the one what is not grouped with others.
22) Water 2

After takin the stairs in 20, you will find yourself in an alley with stepts at the top next to you, use them.

Now in the water, go all to the left.

Count 3 tiles from the top and 1 from the left.

23) Maze

Once you enter this new maze go right, to the edge of the map, keep walkin down until you see 3 entrances, take the big one in the center. 24) Bedroom

Walk up voiding the dark squeares, you will find some beds, use the one that is one from top, one from right.Stay sittin on it for 15 seconds. (both sides work)

25) Dark way in the floor

Go up next to the wall, then walk Right 5 tiles,
D R U R U R D L U Left 5 tiles and Down.
Use graphic for better reference.
26) Dark Spiral

Just picture in your head a spiral startin next to the edge and follow it. After you end it walk one square up.

27) Bridge from hell
Walk across the bridge, avoid the chest. Start at the star, then follow thru
2 Bridge from hell 2
Start at the star, then follow thru, go to the right when you finish.

29) Invisible walls revisited

Walk thru the ends of the walls, enter the stairs. follow around to the left.
30) Sneaky people

thru here.


Start at the star

then follow left, thru the door 32)

Follow gold around


walk down 7, then across 4


a long way


I hope this helps


Proceed right, into the water


An easy walk-thru. Follow to

the right, down the long hall.


More Stairs

39) Invisible walls

From where you appear, go L, U, R, U, L, L, D, L, and then across
40) Another bridge.

Follow around to get to the steps.

41) water everywhere

enter thru the 3rd hole

then follow down to next maze
42)More bridges

when you walk off the end you will teleport, follow that back up to the top


just walk into the chest


walk into the cross


This time a bag of cash


then between the bags

47) Squeres fake walled maze

This maze is made of square rooms, you enter rooms goin throug some fake walls. At the start go up between 2 rooms to the one in the middle and find the fake wall.

Once in this room go: R U U L D L D D L D D L U U U.
4 Final Maze

This one is very easy, go D L U L U R U L D all way Left, U L U L D R D L D L.

49) Stairs of freedom

When you get to a room full of stairs, use the one that is one from the top, one from the right.

50) Way out

Just keep walking until you see the maze entrance up and the exit red carpet down... go down =P

- TY zach

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PostSubject: Re: E.O quest help!   E.O quest help! Icon_minitime

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E.O quest help!
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